Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zombie Steve Jobs (Too Soon?)

Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Japan. Some shops may put up decorations, but kids don’t dress up and they don’t go trick or treating. Most Japanese people don’t go to Halloween parties but there is a significant subset that treats it as a great time to dress up and party, especially in foreign friendly areas like Amemura and Shinsaibashi.

In the week leading up to Halloween I was decommissioned for 3 days with a pretty bad cold. All I did was eat, sleep, study, and take medicine. Luckily my extreme resting paid off and I was able to kick the cold just in time for Halloween. I didn’t bring a Halloween costume to Japan so I knew I was going to have to come up with something but I didn’t have any great ideas. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to go as a Zombie since it takes a pretty minimal amount of effort. Then I overheard someone talking about Steve Jobs and it clicked: Zombie Steve Jobs. Too soon? I thought it over for a day and decided to go with it. It’s a little crass, but I wasn’t trying to be mean spirited or anything, and it was such a great, topical idea. I made a giant apple logo and some crossbones from an old undershirt and glued it to a black turtle neck using some crazy toxic glue (the glue smoked when it touched anything). After that all I needed was some zombie makeup and I was good to go.

Zombie Steve Jobs Attacks

Friday night was sort of a trial run so we took it relatively easy. We went to a Halloween party at a bar called 7 Days. It was a relatively small place but a bunch of people were dressed up and it was a good time. I’m continually amazed at how I show up somewhere and see a bunch of people I’ve met before. I guess foreigners are pretty predictable.

7 Days

Mayflower Crew (Jigen, Justin Bieber, Sanji Totoro, Zombie Steve Jobs)

Saturday night was the big night and it turned out to be a blast. Most of the Mayflower crew went to this massive Why Not International Party at a club called Giraffe. It ran from 6:30-9:30 and was all you can drink. Apparently over 800 people showed up so it was four packed floors of costumed shenanigans. Everyone was super friendly and there were so many great costumes. I talked with a ton of people and also had a drink or four. When we left I got a kick out of all attention we got from the “normal” people in the Shinsaibashi arcade. A bunch of people were taking pictures.


From there we went to Sankaku Koen(triangle park) in Amemura which seemed to be the heart of the Osaka’s Halloween festivities. Tons of people were just hanging around showing off their costumes and downing drinks from convenience stores.

Triange Park



 Jigen with Black/White Swans

We ended the night at a Pool Bar called Balabushka’s. Balabushka’s is a cavernous bar which is usually pretty empty, but it was at capacity for their Halloween Party. All in all, it was a very memorable Halloween. Japanese people who go out for Halloween really get into it and they know how to put together a good costume. It was very surreal to be experiencing the whole thing in Japan.



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