Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kumano Kodo: The Food

I was very surprised at the awesome food I was served at the Minshukus along the Kumano Kodo.  I was especially impressed with Minshuku Tsugizakura where I felt like I was eating from a 5 star restaurant.  I'm no food critic, but everything tasted excellent and the presentation was really beautiful.  Mr. Yuba was both an excellent chef and host.  Here's a bit of what I ate.

 This was starters.  Plum wine, sushi, mushrooms, coconut mochi, and some fruit.

 Lightly cooked shashimi.

 Various soups.

 Whole fish and some sort of zucchini like vegetable.  I ate the whole fish, bones organs and all, except for the head and tail.  It actually tasted sweet.

 Green Bean, shrimp, zucchini tempura

 Miso soup, rice, pickled vegetables

Desert was shaved ice with frozen fruit

Breakfast was lots of pickled things, more miso soup, and some eggs.

Dinner at Minshuku Yunotaniso was similar to the previous night's dinner just not as interesting and not quite as delicious.

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