Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mariachi Bands in Japan

I’ve made a few friends here but it can be difficult to actually do things with people.  While they are all working, I have tons of free time.  Sometimes I troll around the lobby, studying, hoping that I’ll run into someone who wants to do something.  There are a couple guys who hit the clubs nearly every night, but just the thought of staying out until eight every morning makes me exhausted.

A few people have been nice enough to invite me out to various events.  Yuya and Varitey took me out drinking the other night and showed me a bunch of cool bars.  Bar Moonwalk has 200 yen drinks, a bartender who looks like the Japoanese version of Jack Sparrow, and a few passed out Japanese people knocking over glasses in their sleep.   I guess the bartenders don’t mind passing out in bars too much.  We also went to an amazing bar called All Blue which is centered around Japan’s most popular anime show, One Piece.  There were tons of figurines and every inch of the walls was plastered with One Piece posters and autographs.  I hope to go back and take pictures at some point.

Jeff invited me to a Mexican festival under the Umeda Sky building.  The whole thing was pretty surreal.  They had tacos, Coronas, mariachi bands, and marimbas.  It was such an odd mix of people.  I couldn’t believe I was experiencing it in Japan.  I really should have brought a camera.

One of the downsides of going out in Japan is that my clothes always end up smelling like smoke.  I miss American smoking bans.


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