Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sun and Tiger Music Zoo

I heard that amateur bands play in the park every Sunday afternoon so I walked over to check it out.  I finally found them but their setup was a little silly.
Three Bands

Three bands play at the same time all within 100 feet of each other.  The result is a ridiculous jumble of sound.  You could sort of focus on one band by standing directly in front of them.  I tried listening for a while but gave up.  It was oddly segregated.  The first band seemed to have an all moms crowd, the second was an all dude crowd, and the third was all girls.
Mostly dudes

On Sunday evening, one of the Aussie guys, Edward, told me there was a rock show in Kobe so we took a train to check it out.  It turns out that Kobe is only a 30 minute train ride away.  We arrived at The Sun And Tiger Music Zoo and I was surprised that I recognized one of the bands.  I saw Hystoic Vein at the Independent a few months ago with Alex.  The other bands were A Mad Tea PartyThe John’s GuerrillaAstro Attack, and Pills Empire.  Edward seemed to know everyone and Hystoic Vein even gave him a shout out.  The venue was small and it was a little hard to see the stage, but it seemed like a cool place.  I loved the crowd.   They were really into the music.  Sometimes the crowd can make or break a show.  I hate going to see bands I’m really into when no one on the crowd seems to care.  Many of the people we talked to were in their own bands so it seems like there’s a nice little scene here.  It made me really nostalgic for those days where I used to go to show like this all the time (of course non-Japanese versions).  I still feel uncomfortable trying to talk to people.  I don’t know enough Japanese to hold a real conversation, but Edward is really good at translating.  On the way home we had to run to catch the last train.  20 seconds later and I don't know what would have happened.


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